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Is There a Time Limit to File a Claim for a Car Accident?

If involved in a car accident, it is likely you will have injuries, and your car damaged. Due to this, you may want to seek compensation for injuries and damages from the negligent driver. To get your claims paid, you have to file a lawsuit within a certain time period known as the statute of limitations. To know the time you have to file your claims, talk to a car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA.

How Long Do You Have to File A Car Accident Insurance Claim in Atlanta, GA?


After an accident your insurance company or that of the negligent driver expects you to make a claim. The insurer requires you to notify them of the accident which could trigger a claim. This should be done as soon as possible after the accident.  It can be hours after the crash, a matter of days or a couple of weeks at most. Waiting too long to file your insurance claim can result in the insurer refusing to pay you damages. They may argue you weren’t injured in the accident, so you don’t deserve compensation.

What an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Will Tell You About the Statute of Limitations

If you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit you have a longer time to start your claims case. The statute of limitations sets the time limit within which a victim can bring a lawsuit against a negligent party. The time set depends on the injuries sustained and the type of case you want to pursue. Anyone hurt in a car accident – whether driver, pedestrian, passenger or cyclist – must complete their injury claim within two years. The two-year period starts from the date of the accident. If somebody died because of the car accident, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed. The family of the deceased should also file this lawsuit within two years. However, the two-year period starts from the date of the victim’s death not when the accident happened.

Finally, your car was definitely damaged by the accident. Should you decide to seek compensation for the damage, you have four years to do so.  From the time of the accident, you have four years to get the negligent driver to pay.

What Happens If You File Your Car Accident Claim After The Statute of Limitations Have Given To Do So?


If you bring a car accident lawsuit after the statute of limitations has expired, it will be dismissed. The negligent party is likely to bring the lapse to the court’s attention. The court will almost certainly accept their motion to dismiss the case. Therefore, it is important that you talk to an Atlanta car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash. The car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA will investigate your car crash. They will advise you on if you have a valid personal injury claim.

Starting the claims process early gives your lawyer more time to work on your case. Doing it last minute could lead to a rush to meet the deadline which could cost you your compensation. Insurance companies may also drag the settlement process if time to pursue a lawsuit is about to end. They will do so knowing that you can no longer go to court if the settlement offered is not good. So get your claims process going immediately after the accident. Doing so gives you ample time if you have to proceed to court.

Get Proper Representation from a Car Accident Attorney Bethune Law Firm.


If you are involved in a car accident in Atlanta, GA you will need a good car accident attorney. The lawyers at Bethune Law Firm will examine the facts of your case. They will advise you on the maximum compensation you can claim. Claims are for medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other damages. Don’t wait too long before you talk to our car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA. As you have read, time is of the essence. Your attorney will need time to investigate and prepare for your case. Engage us as soon as you are able to. The earlier we begin working on your case, the easier it will be to get you the maximum compensation. For a free consultation and to know how much time you have left to seek damages, call us today at (404) 875-7800. Don’t worry about the legal fees. There is no attorney fee until a settlement or court verdict determines your case.