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Common Mistakes People Make When Handling Their Own Case 

Accidents make people panic. Even days after the crash, they may not be thinking clearly. It’s not surprising that those who try to handle their own claim or court case often make mistakes. These mistakes may create insurmountable financial loss and mental suffering. This article will discuss some of the most common mistakes people make when handling their own auto accident case in Atlanta. We’ll also find out how an Atlanta car accident attorney can help you to overcome the mistakes. They can help you reclaim your legal rights.

Why You Need Auto Accident Lawyers in Atlanta

Many people opt not to hire an Atlanta car accident attorney when they are involved in a car accident. They think it is an unnecessary expense and start handling the claim themselves. They assume that the insurance company will offer them a fair settlement once they submit the necessary details. 

However, the attitude of insurance companies is entirely different from they expect. Insurers dissect every element of the claim and try not to pay the full amount they ask for. It is only when an attorney has involvement that they take accident victims seriously. That’s why you need to have good auto accident lawyers in Atlanta to fight your case.  An attorney can find ways to get more compensation and higher settlements.  

You should also know that don’t have to make any advance payment to an Atlanta car accident attorney. Most attorneys take up the case on a contingency basis. You only pay when they settle the case and the insurance company releases the compensation.

Your attorney will advise you not to:

  • Hire just any attorney. You shouldn’t contact just any attorney believing that they can win your case. You need to appoint a personal injury attorney who is competent in auto accident cases.  Instead of hiring any lawyer, go with an attorney who specializes in Atlanta car accident cases.
  • Give a statement to the other driver’s insurer. It is not mandatory that you provide a recorded statement to the defendant’s insurance company. When you handle your case by yourself, you might think there is no harm in doing so. However, you should remember that insurance companies are in business to make profits. They will do anything they can to break your case. If you appoint a personal injury attorney, they will advise you against giving such a statement.  They know comments you make could be used against you.
  • Ignore the importance of getting medical aid immediately after the accident. This is another common mistake people make when they don’t feel hurt immediately. However, it gives the insurance company an opportunity to say you got your injuries elsewhere. They argue that if you were hurt in the accident, you would have seen the doctor immediately. Make sure to seek medical treatment immediately after the accident and keep all the documentation.
  • Be inconsistent with medical treatment. Continuous medical treatment establishes the gravity of your injuries and any subsequent claims. If you miss appointments or take breaks from treatment, it may cast doubt on your condition. Insurance adjusters of juries will become suspicious. Stick to the treatment schedule as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Fail to notify all insurance companies involved.  If you fail to notify all the insurance companies, you may not get critical insurance benefits. Policy conditions usually require you to notify your own insurance company in the case of a third-party claim. Otherwise, it could be a reason for rejecting your insurance claim. To avoid all these complications, it would be better to appoint an attorney who is competent in personal injury claims.
  • Divulge accident details on social media. You must know the power of social media.  Sometimes, your online posts can jeopardize your case. Hence, avoid posting any accident details in the social media.  If you want to post anything about the accident, discuss it with your auto accident lawyers in Atlanta first.
  • Hide prior injuries. Instead of hiding your previous injuries, be honest with your insurance company.  As per Georgia law, you have the right to get compensation for all new injuries irrespective of any previous conditions.  If your existing injury/injuries got aggravated with the new accident, you have every right to get insurance compensation.
  • Settle an accident claim while undergoing medical treatment. You cannot revoke a settlement and ask for more compensation. You’ll get only one chance to settle your case. You need to confirm all your injuries and the amount and time required for the treatment. A seasoned Atlanta car accident attorney would advise you accordingly.

Hire an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Today

Handling a case without a lawyer could be disastrous and it should be avoided. While you may think you are saving money but handling things yourself, you could lose out in the long term. If you have been involved in an accident in Atlanta, GA, contact Bethune Law Firm today for a consultation. They know the laws regarding insurance and they will work to ensure you receive compensation.