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What Should I Bring for My First Meeting with a Lawyer?

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Many people work with an attorney for the first time when they need to file a personal injury claim. It is, therefore, not surprising that many clients don’t know how to prepare for their first consultation. The initial meeting is usually free. It gives you an opportunity to find out whether an Atlanta injury lawyer is the best fit for your case. However, to get the most out of the encounter, you need to be ready.

If you’re prepared for your first consultation, you can save both time and money. Since it is likely to be the only free consultation you get, you need to make it count. Being prepared ensures that the attorney has a solid base of information on which to assess your case. It also ensures that you get all your questions answered. Let’s look at some of the documents which you need to bring with you.

Documents An Atlanta Injury Lawyer Requires

Depending on the nature of your accident and injuries, you may not have access to all the documents outlined below. However, you should bring everything you have which relates to the case.

1. The Police Report

If you were involved in a car accident, the police report should be available for purchase within 72 hours. This document is important since it contains information about the driver including their name and their insurance details. It will also include the police officer’s opinion on how the collision occurred.

2. Photos of the Scene

Whether you were involved in a vehicular accident or you slipped and fell, photos can make a big difference. They can show how the accident or incident occurred and how severe the damage was. If you were injured in a car accident, photos can indicate who was at fault. Showing the road conditions and the damage to each vehicle can be useful, especially if the other driver denies liability.

3. Insurance Information

You should bring your insurance information. If the other driver gave you their details, you should also bring that. Often, the driver’s liability insurance isn’t enough to cover a victim’s losses. If that happens in your case, you will also need to file an underinsured motorist claim with your carrier.

4. Contact Details for Eyewitnesses

If anyone saw the accident or incident which caused your injuries, you should’ve approached them for their contact info. Eyewitness testimony can be the evidence you need if there is any dispute over who was at fault for the accident. An Atlanta injury lawyer can contact these people and prove that the other driver was indeed responsible.

5. Your Medical Bills and Records

If you are still undergoing medical treatment, not all your bills and records will be available. However, you may have your bill from the emergency room or a report from the first physician you saw. Your records will help your lawyer to understand the severity of your condition. Your bills will give the attorney an idea of whether the at-fault party has enough insurance to cover your losses. Let’s say the individual has $25,000 in insurance. If you’ve already racked up $20,000 in medical bills and other losses, you will probably exceed $25,000 when you complete your treatment.

6. Questions for Your Attorney

In the days or hours leading up to your meeting, a lot of questions may be swirling through your mind. Make a note of them so you can bring them up with your Atlanta injury lawyer. You may want to know about their experience with similar cases. Or maybe, you’re more interested in how long they think it will take for you to get compensation. You may be a bit nervous during the consultation so writing down your questions can help.

Contact An Atlanta Injury Lawyer Today!

If you need advice on filing a personal injury claim, reach out to The Bethune Law Firm. Even if you don’t have all the information we’ve discussed above, you can still schedule a free consultation. The more information we have at the outset, the better. However, we can help you to access the documents which you still need to get. Simply call us and we’ll give you all the necessary guidance and support. We know you are in pain and concerned about how you will pay your medical bills. That’s why we want to help you get the compensation you deserve after suffering an injury due to someone’s negligence. Contact our Atlanta personal injury law firm today to schedule your consultation.

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