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Can My Social Media Posts Hurt My Personal Injury Case in Atlanta?

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Almost everyone in Atlanta has at least one social media account. Maybe you enjoy posting perfectly edited photos on Instagram or sharing snippets from your life on Facebook. Social media posts make it easy to connect with family, friends, and even complete strangers. However, it also makes it easy to slip up and post something that will come back to haunt you. If you are seeking damages in a personal injury case, you need to very careful about what you share.

Even if you are being honest about suffering injuries, your tweets or Instagram stories could be used against you. That’s why Atlanta personal injury attorneys always advise their clients to watch what they say. Your posts could reduce the likelihood that you will be able to claim full compensation. You may call the facts of the case into question or make yourself look less credible.

How Exactly Can Social Media Hurt You? Hear from A Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta.

You may be wondering which of your actions could cause you to lose the compensation you deserve. Let’s look at some of the mistakes you can make.

You May Admit Liability

Saying “I’m so sorry” or “I’m so clumsy” in relation to the incident which caused your injury may seem insignificant. However, it can easily be interpreted as you accepting blame. If someone else was at fault for your car accident, why would you be sorry? If a property owner’s negligence caused you to slip and fall, why would you mention your clumsiness? These are all questions the defendant would ask.

You May Go Against Your Own Testimony

Many personal injury victims use humor as a way to deal with their injury. However, minimizing or exaggerating your condition could be detrimental, even if you’re being sarcastic. The defendant or their insurance company may see your post and think you’re faking your condition. If you’re claiming compensation for a badly broken arm, don’t say you just suffered “a little sprain”. Similarly, you shouldn’t post about looking forward to going bowling or suiting up for softball. The defendant is guaranteed to challenge you.

You May Check-in Somewhere that Draws Suspicion

Some people use the Check-in feature on Facebook or Foursquare without giving it a second thought. Sometimes the check-in is necessary to access free Wi-Fi. If you’ve filed a personal injury lawsuit, you should be careful about where you check-in. If you’re claiming that you’re in constant pain and you can hardly move, checking at a party venue is suspicious.

Family and Friends May Make Damaging Comments

Maybe you’ve stayed off social media following your injury or you’ve only been posting unrelated content. Your followers or friends could still get you into trouble. They may joke about how you’re faking your injuries or how you’ll use the pay-out for a vacation. These things can raise questions about your credibility even if you are being truthful. To be on the safe side, you should delete such comments as soon as you see them.

Ask a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta: Are Social Media Posts Admissible in Court

It may be hard to believe that your Instagram story or late-night tweet could make it into an Atlanta court. However, the courts in Georgia have allowed the admission of social media posts into evidence. As long as it can be verified that the post is authentic, a jury can see it.

Social media evidence will usually come up during the discovery stage of the lawsuit. This is the period after the defense files its response to your lawsuit and before the trial starts. The defense will have to request the information and prove that it is relevant or potentially relevant to the case. The fact that the defendant can obtain the information doesn’t automatically mean it will be admissible. Your attorney will do everything legally possible to fight for you.

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If you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you need to give yourself the best chance of getting compensation. This may mean you can’t share every aspect of your life on social media as you usually would. As soon as possible after you’ve been hurt, contact one of our Atlanta personal injury lawyers. We will advise you on how to conduct yourself both online and offline. If you think you’ve already shared too much, contact us at (800)-465-8733 and we will guide you. Simply schedule a free initial consultation today to discuss your case.

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