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Is a Burn Settlement the Best Option for My Burn Injury Case in Atlanta, GA?

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There are two possible legal routes for a burn injury victim in Atlanta, Georgia to take: go to trial or negotiate a burn settlement with the negligent party.

Although litigation is often a wise legal option, there are times when a burn injury settlement may work well for you. In procedures concerning personal injury settlements, such as a burn settlement, your personal injury lawyer will help in evaluating the full value of your settlement claim.

Your Atlanta, Georgia burn injury lawyer will ensure that the burn settlement amount is fair, considering the negligence involved, the severity of the injury, and the establishment of fault between plaintiff and defendant.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer May Help in Your Burn Injury Claim in Atlanta, GA

Burn injuries and burn settlement claims are more common than you think. Burn-related injuries are even more common in the workplace, where people spend a huge fraction of their waking hours each day. Of all the burn injuries recorded yearly, approximately 5,000 of these are due to fires and explosions occurring in the workplace, as reported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

One of the most important things to remember when seeking a burn injury settlement in Atlanta, Georgia, is that the filing has to be done within two years after the occurrence of the incident. In fact, this two-year ruling also applies to any personal injury settlement you may apply for in the county or state.

Filing a burn settlement claim more than two years from the time of the incident may mean forfeiture or lower burn settlement amounts. It is also important to establish major negligence on the part of the at-fault party to claim the maximum burn settlement amount for your personal injury.

This is where a personal injury lawyer can help.

Reasons to Opt for a Personal Injury Settlement in Atlanta, GA

Burn Settlement Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

If someone else’s negligence caused you to suffer from a burn injury, let Bethune Law Firm help you seek a burn settlement.

There are many reasons why a burn settlement could be a good option for you.

If you are not willing to drag your case into a long and arduous trial, a personal injury settlement that compensates you well for your burn injuries is a good route to take.

A burn injury can lead to permanent scars and long-term impairment that limits career and life choices. It is important to ensure that the burn settlement amount is sufficient enough to cover all your expenses and losses resulting from the experience.

Another advantage to seeking a burn injury settlement in Atlanta, GA is that it often results in a guaranteed amount of compensation. Compared to a trial, where payment for compensatory damages is not always carried out immediately, a burn settlement can help you obtain the claim proceeds at a much earlier time.

There are cases, however, wherein a personal injury settlement may not work. Many insurance companies in the state do not offer adequate and fair burn settlement amounts. For example, if the other party is established to be 100% fault, going for a burn settlement value that is lower than the initial offer is not a good decision. In this case, you may seek to litigate rather than to simply accept the burn injury settlement.

Types of Burn Injuries That May Qualify for a Personal Injury Settlement

A burn injury settlement can help you get your life back on track, but the burn settlement amount has to be fair compensation for the incurred losses.

Certain types of injuries are more serious and, therefore, require higher burn settlement rewards. The following are some common types of burn injuries which may qualify for a burn injury settlement:

  • Thermal burn injuries
  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Radiological burn injuries

Your personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA will work on your burn injury settlement to make sure that all expenses and liabilities incurred as a result of the injury are factored in, including medications, surgeries, and lost wages and opportunities at work. Burn settlement amounts tend to vary, although burn injuries usually command higher settlement values than other personal injuries due to the pain and scarring that occur as a result.

Work with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA to Get the Best Burn Settlement for You

A personal injury settlement doesn’t have to result in compensatory inconvenience for you. Here at Bethune Law, we understand how a burn injury settlement can be challenging for anyone.

Without a personal injury lawyer you can trust, you may either settle for unfair burn settlement amounts or even proceed to a lengthy trial. Contact us at Bethune Law today to get the committed personal injury lawyer you need in Atlanta, Georgia.

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