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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident at the Mall

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A shopping session in Atlanta’s Lenox Square, Cumberland, or Perimeter Mall can easily turn into a nightmare. All it takes is a slip and fall accident. Falling in public is bad enough. Add on the impact with the hard floor to your neck and back. It becomes a terrible situation. Your first instinct is to get up and leave as soon as possible, before anyone notices. However, this is actually the worst thing you can do. A much better approach is to call an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. With their help, you can seek compensation for the injuries and losses you incurred.

How to Seek Compensation after a Slip and Fall Accident in Atlanta, GA

In order to actually obtain the compensation, you will have to file a personal injury claim. With it, you will have to show that:

  1. The defendant to your claim or their insurance owed you a duty of care
  2. They breached or neglected their duty of care
  3. Their actions led to the injuries and losses subject to your claim.

This usually seems easier said than done. If you seek compensation from the insurer of the party at fault, they will pursue their own interests. If you file a civil lawsuit against the party at fault, you have a long battle ahead of you.

In both situations, you will need all the help you can get. The best person to provide it is an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. As the latter may advise, the first steps you follow after your accident usually determine the outcome.

Steps Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Advise Their Clients to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

So, you slipped and fell at the mall. You’re probably embarrassed, confused, and in pain. Take a deep breath, and focus on following the steps described below. It is the best way to protect your interests, namely your right to compensation.

1. Seek Medical Attention

A slip and fall accident may end with head or back injuries, and even broken limbs. If you neglect them, your wounds could get worse or even become life-threatening. It is better to see a doctor immediately after the slip and fall accident.

They will tell you how serious your wounds are and what type of treatment you need. They can also provide valuable evidence for your case. Medical reports can highlight the cause of your injuries, treatment recommendations, and drug prescriptions. No one can overlook such evidence.

2. Gather Evidence

Once you know you’re safe, take a look around and find:

  • Witnesses
  • Evidence of how the slip and fall accident occurred
  • Evidence of the property damage you incurred

In order to get compensated for your losses, you will need evidence. To gather it, you may need to talk to everyone present, take photos, and obtain video recordings. Without an Atlanta personal injury lawyer ready to take over, you will have to do this yourself, at the scene.

3. Gather Information

To build your case, you will need a lot of information, especially contact details. Pay special interest to potential accident witnesses, building owners, managers, and any service providers. You will need to identify the party at fault for your accident.

4. File the Notice of Claim or the Civil Lawsuit

It may seem simple, but a mere delay can cost you your right to compensation. According to the Georgia statute of limitations, the deadline for personal injury claims is 2 years. To claim property damages, you have four years. However, there is no telling whether the mall will still be open and your witnesses willing to testify. The sooner you act, the higher your winning odds are.

5. Prove Your Case and Get Your Compensation

Besides providing the evidence discussed above, you will have to show you were not at fault. The defendant to your claim may accuse you of trespassing. They may claim you ignored warnings, or simply that your shoes are extremely slippery. It helps to prepare and, especially, to have an Atlanta personal injury lawyer defend your interests.

Hire an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer from the Bethune Law Firm

Do you want to obtain a fair compensation for your slip and fall accident in Atlanta? We can help. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have relevant experience proving premises liability. They know the applicable Georgia laws by heart and they are ready to apply them in your favor. Call 1-800-INJURED (1-800-465-8733), and schedule a FREE consultation! Your Atlanta personal injury lawyer will answer all your questions and provide all the advice you need!

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