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What Can I do If A Defective Tire Caused My Car Accident?

Car accidents are every driver’s biggest concern. Not only is there the stress of the car accident itself, but of the costs associated with it. Typically, drivers rely on insurance to protect them from financial burden after a car accident, but what if there wasn’t a driver at fault? People often underestimate the number of accidents caused by a defective tire. Tire recalls happen all the time, but often the manufacturers make little effort to warn the public. Instead, they wait for you to get an oil change or standard service and your mechanic to inform you of the recall.

How Do I Know A Defective Tire Caused My Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

Although it’d be nice for the cause of any car accident to be so clear, usually drivers aren’t sure what caused the crash. There are 2 scenarios associated with a defective tire causing your crash. Either the tire was negligently installed, in which you would file a negligence lawsuit against the auto shop; or the tire’s design or structure is defective.

Maybe you noticed some slight wobbling before the accident or a minor vibration. Unfortunately, a defective tire isn’t dangerous unless you’re traveling at high speeds. Usually, when you’re moving at slower speeds, you can’t even notice it.

Risks of a Defective Tire

Tread separation is the most common issue among defective tires. At high speeds, a defective tire can lose all of its treads causing you to have no control over the vehicle. These accidents are dangerous and can result in rollover accidents.

Another type of defective tire accident is a blowout. This situation is common when you have incorrect installation, or when the wrong size tire is on your car.  Blowouts are especially difficult because the police won’t pursue an investigation on a flat tire. Insurance companies are less likely to acknowledge a tire defect in the event of a blowout as they could associate it with tire damage instead.

These claims are difficult to navigate, which is why it’s important to get attorneys involved in these cases. They often take responsibility for much of the investigation and strive to provide solid answers.

Liability and Defective Tires

At first, it seems like there aren’t any options available to you, but that’s because insurance companies and tire manufacturers are trying to foot you with the bill. If you suspect your accident occurred because of a defective tire you can make an automotive products liability claim. Although some insurance companies will make this process unnecessarily difficult, an attorney can help simplify the issue.

You can also file a claim against the vehicle or tire manufacturer whether there has or has not been a tire recall issued at the time of your car accident. When you’re in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia, you want to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

However, the insurance company will still investigate to determine which of the drivers involved was at fault. In some cases, including a defective tire, the insurance company in Atlanta, Georgia, may declare that no driver was at fault.

Although it seems you’re catching a break, it still means that insurance will only cover the bare minimum and who knows how many other drivers are at risk with the same tires.

Tire Recalls and Proving Defects in Atlanta, Georgia

Unfortunately, it requires experts to prove that an accident occurred because of a tire defect. Aside from obvious tire recalls, it’s difficult to prove that tires are at fault. However, a tire recall can’t happen without identifying the problem.

If you suspect that a tire defect caused your car accident, you need the help of a lawyer. A good attorney can help you build an investigation and case around the suspicion of a tire defect. They can communicate with experts that will investigate the tire’s structure, build, materials, design, storage and even installation.

When you believe that a tire is responsible for your car accident in Atlanta, Georgia you’re bringing to light the possibility that thousands of other drivers are at risk too.

Once a tire defect is proven and brought to the manufacturer’s attention, they can begin the process of a tire recall.

Contact an Attorney

If your car accident was caused because of a defective tire, it’s important to acquire an attorney. You need someone that will work to handle the other driver’s insurance, as well as your own, and seek the truth behind this defective tire. Contact the Bethune Law Firm today to schedule an appointment.