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Workplace Liability

Georgia Court of Appeals Determines Workers’ Compensation Liability of Contractor Employer

Although it’s common knowledge that workers’ compensation law prevents, in most circumstances, an employee from suing his or her immediate employer for injuries sustained in the course of employment, few know that the provisions barring suit can also extend immunity to contractors of the employer. The scope of tort immunity under Georgia’s workers’ compensation statute…

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Supreme Court of Georgia Examines Constitutionality of Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Scheme

Given the pervasiveness of workplace injuries, every state in the Union, including the state of Georgia, has enacted a workers’ compensation scheme to resolve claims arising from death or injuries at the workplace. Although the overall legal propriety of workers’ compensation schemes is well settled, questions regarding the constitutionality of certain provisions are still occasionally…

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Georgia Court of Appeals Reverses in Atlanta Negligence Case

Although it’s a common warning, it is one that bears repeating:  always keep important documents in a safe place. This common admonition is at the heart of a recent decision from the Georgia Court of Appeals, Sanchez v. Atlanta Union Mission Corporation. At issue in Sanchez was whether a contractual provision signed by the plaintiff…

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Georgia Court of Appeals Sides with Injured Worker in Workers’ Compensation Appeal

Despite the existence of considerable federal and state regulation in the area of workplace safety, workplace injuries remain a commonplace reality. For many injured on the job, workers’ compensation remains the principal, if not exclusive, form of financial recovery. Although many workers’ compensation schemes were designed to provide efficient recovery for injuries, some injured claimants…

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