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What is the Process of a Product Liability Lawsuit in Atlanta, GA?

Product Liability Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

When you buy a new product, whether that product is a tool, a personal appliance, gadget, article of clothing, or a product meant for entertainment such as a video game or toy, you have a reasonable expectation that the product will not injure you. Products that are purchased should provide convenience or entertainment, but defective…

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Federal District Court Grants Summary Judgment in Favor of Publix in Premises Liability Case

A common issue that arises in slip-and-fall litigation is whether the business owner had knowledge of the foreign substance on which a plaintiff slipped and fell. Given that employees are generally not inclined to acknowledge their actual knowledge of the dangerous condition, plaintiffs must typically use direct or circumstantial evidence to show “constructive knowledge” of…

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Breach of Contract or Premises Liability?

When initially pleading a case, attorneys will typically maintain a litigant’s injury is compensable under several distinct theories of liability. However, as the Georgia Court of Appeals recent decision in Demott v. Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah, Inc. demonstrates, alternative pleading, although often efficacious, does not assure recovery. The plaintiff in Demott was injured in…

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Notice Requirements Complicate Wrongful Death Suit Against Atlanta V.A. Medical Center

As we have discussed in previous posts, filing a legal claim against the state or federal government is not always a straightforward process. Successfully asserting a claim against a governmental body often depends on satisfying requirements set forth in legislation regarding sovereign immunity, and many sovereign immunity waiver statutes impose unexpected notice obligations that, if not…

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Supreme Court of Georgia Reverses Appeals Court in Auto-Accident Insurance Case

Given the ubiquity of motor vehicle accidents, numerous states have enacted legislation seeking to assure some level of recovery through compulsory insurance coverage and hopefully dissuade litigation as a result. However, although the availability of insurance recovery has purged some judicial resolution of auto-accident fault, the courts have not been completely freed from questions of…

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