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Personal Injury

Seeking Third-Degree Burn Settlements in Atlanta, Georgia

Lawyer for Burn Settlements in Atlanta, Georgia

Third-degree burns are some of the most severe personal injuries one can endure. With these life-threatening injuries, there is damage to all three layers of the skin. In some cases, the damage may reach into the muscles and bones. If your burn injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence or deliberate action, you may seek…

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Personal Injury Law Basics in Atlanta, Georgia

Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

Getting injured in an accident can change your life. Aside from the pain of the personal injury itself and the difficulty of recovery, injuries can leave you upset, confused, depressed, anxious, and in no small amount of financial trouble. The US Centers for Disease Control recently reported that there are more than 30 million visits…

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Georgia Court of Appeals Reverses Dismissal of Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Although proving substantive claims already places a heavy burden on a plaintiff, procedural roadblocks often also arise to the chagrin of hapless litigants. In particular, issues related to proper service of process and initiation of the suit within the applicable statute of limitations period can hamper ill-advised plaintiffs with otherwise meritorious claims. A recent decision from…

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