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Motor Vehicle Accident

Do’s and Don’ts After an Atlanta, GA Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

As car accident attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia, we hear from many people who are confused about their rights, their responsibilities, and what they should do in the hours and days following their Atlanta, GA car accident. Should you speak to the other driver’s insurance company? Who will pay your medical bills and vehicle damage? How…

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Court of Appeals Affirms in Favor of Plaintiff in Negligence Case Against City of Atlanta

Successfully asserting negligence claims against the State or a municipality can be a difficult task. However, success is possible. In a recent decision, City of Atlanta v. Kovalcik (PDF-embedded link), the Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed the denial of summary judgment in a negligence suit brought against the City of Atlanta for its failure to maintain…

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Court of Appeals Reverses in Tractor-Trailer Accident Case

Most cases of negligence feature only a single defendant whose conduct is at issue. However, there are instances when the independent negligent conduct of multiple third parties leads to a single injury, and such cases can create confusion for assigning liability. This type of predicament is featured in a recent case from the Georgia Court…

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Georgia Court of Appeals Reverses in Uninsured Motorist Suit

Uninsured drivers remain a major problem in the state of Georgia. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Insurance Research Council showed that in 2012 between nine and 11 percent of motorists in Georgia were uninsured. Legal woes that arise from accidents with those who are and become uninsured are at the center of a recent…

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Court of Appeals Affirms Decision Denying Determination of Apportionment in Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Although cases involving employer liability based on either direct or vicarious theories of tort law are far from uncommon, the Georgia Court of Appeals recently rendered a decision concerning a novel issue regarding employer liability and O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33 (c) of Georgia’s Apportionment Statute. The case, Zaldivar
 Prickett (PDF-downloadable link), dealt with whether a defendant…

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