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Evidentiary Standards

Georgia Court of Appeals Affirms in Suit Against City for Sewage Backup

In order to successfully assert negligence, a plaintiff must generally prove four elements:  duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. However, certain evidentiary and negligence doctrines allow a plaintiff, in certain circumscribed situations, to win on a negligence claim without proving all or some of the aforementioned factors. Among these doctrines is res ipsa loquitur,…

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Georgia Court of Appeals Addresses Application of Emergency Room Statute in Infant Medical Negligence Case

As we’ve discussed before, the standard for medical malpractice liability in Georgia varies depending on whether the alleged act of medical malpractice occurs during an emergency situation. Given that the standard for liability is more stringent under Georgia’s emergency room statute, O.C.G.A. § 51-1-29.5, determining whether the statute applies is crucial for obtaining recovery against…

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Court of Appeals Clarifies Standard for Expert Testimony in Medical Malpractice Decision

Since certain subject matter falls beyond the knowledge or experience of an average juror, cases will occasionally require that a plaintiff or defendant provide expert testimony that will assist the jury in making necessary factual determinations for resolving a case. In particular, expert testimony is often necessary in medical malpractice cases, since many jurors lack sufficient…

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