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Court of Appeals Reverses in Sexual Assault Negligence Suit

Although many organizations seek and openly welcome volunteer support, a recent decision from the Georgia Court of Appeals, Allen v. Zion Baptist Church of Braselton, shows that one should always be cautious about those who offer their time. In Allen, the Court of Appeals needed to determine whether it was appropriate for the trial court…

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Georgia Court of Appeals Reverses Trial Court and Holds that Question Regarding City’s Liability for Attack by Off-Duty Police Officer Should go to Jury

As Judge McMillian mentioned at the beginning of his opinion, the Georgia Court of Appeals is very familiar with the facts of Graham v. City of Duluth. This opinion was the third that the court has rendered related to an incident that occurred on February 1, 2008. On that day, an inebriated, off-duty police officer…

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Assignment of Rights Against an Insurer in Georgia

Insurance coverage can be challenging in personal injury cases. While car accident coverage is often relatively straightforward, coverage for other claims such as claims for intentional conduct or premises liability can be complicated. Although a judgment may be obtained, it doesn’t mean very much if the defendant’s insurer refuses to defend a valid claim. One way…

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Security Company Liable for Negligence in Georgia

In a 2013 case a woman was sexually assaulted by someone who broke into her house while she was at work and stayed there, although she triggered the alarm system. She sued the company that she had paid to monitor the security system on the grounds of negligence. The company moved for judgment notwithstanding the…

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Injuries at the Workplace From Third-Party Attacks in Georgia

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act contains a provision that makes it an exclusive remedy for workers injured at work. This means that workers may not bring a separate tort action against their employer for injuries caused by employment-related accidents. This includes in many instances a felonious assault upon an employee by a third-party. In a…

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