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Can an Attorney Help Me if My Child Was Injured at DayCare?

No parent expects their child to be hurt after they drop them off at a daycare facility in Atlanta, GA. When it happens, many are unsure about what to do beyond getting prompt medical attention. Some parents become so focused on the child’s wellbeing that they don’t even think about pursuing the matter legally. Others wonder if it’s even a real case for a lawyer. If you fall into the latter category, rest assured that personal injury lawyers take on cases involving injuries to children.

Children are often at greater risk for certain types of injuries. Take falls for example. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say 2.8 million children are injured in fall-related accidents per year. Daycare injuries are also common. If your child has been hurt in an institution which was supposed to keep them safe, contact an attorney. They can advise you and help you find out exactly what happened. If you are entitled to compensation, having an attorney increases your chances of actually getting it.

Common Types of Day Care Center Injuries

Daycare facility injuries can take several forms. Injuries can include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Concussions
  • Broken bones
  • Serious lacerations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burns

These injuries usually result from:

  • Playground incidents. This is the most common cause of day care center injuries. Loose screws, sharp edges, large rocks or tree roots can all cause injury. If the facility isn’t properly maintained or children aren’t adequately supervised, accidents become more likely.
  • Falling objects. Many children have to be taken for medical attention after something falls from a bookcase or shelf and hits them. Sometimes the shelving or bookcase itself is what lands on the child. These types of incidents usually occur if the shelves aren’t secured or packed properly. Heavy items are also within reach of the children.
  • Bottle warmers. Scalds are more common than you would think. Children may try to get their bottle themselves or pull at a dangling cord and spill hot water on themselves. Daycare facilities should either not heat formula or simply run the bottle under a warm tap. When they use bottle warmers or pots within the reach of their charges, accidents can occur.

Why Day Care Injuries Occur, According to a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta, GA

Daycare injuries can be due to institutional shortcomings or the negligence or willful action of one staff member. Understaffing can lead to employees lashing out at children due to frustration. It may also mean they simply don’t have the ability to properly supervise each child. In addition, some facilities fail to screen employees or monitor their actions. This means some people get hired and keep their when they really shouldn’t be working with children.

Of course, some injuries are purely accidental. Children often fall and injure themselves during play and it is no one’s fault.  However, some injuries are due to poorly maintained equipment, changing tables or cribs. If a toy is broken or known to be defective and it is not removed, this can lead to injury. So too can lose carpets, uneven floors or exposed electrical wires. An Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney can determine whether the facility knew or should have known about hazardous conditions.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA Will Help You

Your lawyer will seek to determine whether the institution failed to take reasonable steps to prevent harm. They will also have to prove this failure led to the child’s injury in order for you to get damages. Your attorney will use different methods to figure out what happened to your little one. They may talk to witnesses, review the facility’s policy documents and memos and look for a history of complaints. If there is sufficient evidence to prove negligence or a deliberate attempt to harm the child, they will seek compensation.

The attorney can pursue damages on behalf of both you and the child in Atlanta, GA.  Your claim may be for past, ongoing, and future medical bills and loss of services of the child. The action on behalf of your child could include pain and suffering, loss of function, and disability or disfigurement. It can also cover a loss of earning capacity. The exact nature of the claim will depend on the type of injury and its severity. Remember that you can only get compensation for the actual injuries which occurred. If the child fell and got a minor scratch, don’t expect a big payout even if they were poorly supervised.

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If your child suffers injuries while at daycare, you need the services of a committed attorney. It will be an emotional time for you and you shouldn’t seek the handle the matter on your own. Let one of our attorneys investigate the circumstances which led to your child’s injury. We will get to the bottom of the incident. We will advise you as to whether the daycare facility is liable. If they are, we will pursue damages on behalf of you and your little one. Don’t delay in contacting an Atlanta personal injury attorney at Bethune Law Firm.

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