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A Burn Incident Left Me Disfigured. What Are My Legal Options?

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Everyone has probably received a burn at some point in their lives. Maybe you were cooking, and some oil splashed on you and or you spilled hot coffee on yourself. These accidents are common and the injuries are often minor. However, some people suffer serious burns that leave them disfigured and these injuries are caused by another party. Burn injuries can result from a range of incidents including fires, car accidents, and equipment malfunction.

If you get a serious, disfiguring burn injury because of someone else’s negligence, you should fight for justice. Your options will be to seek compensation through the at-fault party’s insurance company or to file a personal injury lawsuit. You will need help from an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to build a strong case so you can get full compensation. Even if you file a lawsuit, your attorney will try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. This means your case wouldn’t have to go to trial.

Why You Need an Atlanta Burn Injury Attorney

You have the right to handle your claim on your own. However, you’re more likely to get a positive outcome if you have an attorney on your side. It will also be easier for you to focus on recovering. You won’t have to handle paperwork alone or negotiate with an insurer. If you get a lawyer immediately after you get injured, they will assist you in filing your claim. Very often, claims are delayed or rejected because of errors or missing information. Your attorney will ensure your form is filled out correctly and accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents.


Lawyers play a major role in helping to ensure you get the amount you truly deserve. Chances are, you don’t know what would be a fair settlement in your case. The insurance company will use this to their advantage and try to get you to accept a low settlement. The initial offer is usually unfair but unrepresented victims often accept it since they don’t know how to negotiate. Victims may also begin to panic when they realize how high their medical bills will be. However, when you hire a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, they will anticipate the tactics of the insurance company. They will be prepared to fight. If they can’t reach an agreement at the negotiation table, they will recommend that you file a lawsuit. 

Compensation You Can Receive Following a Disfiguring Burn Injury 

There are several types of damages that you may be able to claim following your injury. Your attorney will assess all your losses and determine which types of compensation apply in your case. Generally, burn victims can claim compensation for:

  • Medical expenses. A disfiguring burn injury will likely require expensive medical treatment. You may need multiple surgeries, long-term counseling, and other professional interventions. The at-fault party should have to pay for all your current and future expenses resulting from the injury.
  • Lost wages. You will have to miss work while you recover from your injuries. If you are unable to work again in the future, you will be in a terrible financial situation. Thankfully, you can also seek damages for lost wages and lost earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering. In addition to economic losses, you can also claim intangible losses. A disfiguring burn will not only be physically painful, but it will affect your mental and emotional health. If the burn is on your face or another highly visible part of your body, you will be especially distressed. You may experience depression or anxiety or become fearful of leaving your home. Your attorney will draw on expert opinion and previous cases to put a dollar value on your pain and suffering.
  • Punitive damages. In some cases, if your case goes to court, you may be able to get punitive damages. These go beyond repaying you for your losses. They are intended to punish the wrongdoer and act as a deterrent. Punitive damages are usually reserved for cases involving fraud, willful misconduct, wantonness or other egregious conduct.

What You Should Do After A Burn Accident

Your attorney will play a major role in your case. However, you can and should help yourself. What you do in the aftermath of your injury matters. You should:

  1. Notify the property owner that you suffered injuries in a crash
  2. Seek medical attention immediately and follow the advice of the doctor
  3. Take photos of your injuries or have someone do it for you 
  4. Identify any eyewitness and get their names or contact information
  5. Avoid talking to anyone about the accident without speaking to an attorney

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer at The Bethune Law Firm

If you suffer a disfiguring burn injury, seek help from a Georgia personal injury lawyer. At The Bethune Law Firm, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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