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What an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Says You Should Do After a Truck Accident in Atlanta, GA?

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reports that 27% of Georgia accidents involve large trucks. Many truck accidents take place in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. If you happen to be part of one, you should consider working with an Atlanta truck accident attorney.

As an accident victim, Georgia laws allow you to seek compensation for your losses. These can be economic and non-economic. Economic damages are those easy to prove and quantify, like medical bills and car repairs. Non-economic damages are more subjective and difficult to measure. They include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and even loss of companionship.

In order to obtain compensation for these damages, you will need to prove you incurred them. You will also need to follow procedures, avoid mistakes, and negotiate a convenient settlement. Whether you are filing an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit, an Atlanta truck accident attorney can help. You should call them as soon as possible after the truck accident. If they cannot come to the scene, they will at least advise you on the steps to follow.

Main Steps an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Will Advise Their Clients to Take

1. Stop at the Accident Scene

Georgia Code Section § 40-6-270 dictates this step. According to this section, when stopping, you should focus on:

  • Proximity to the accident scene (stop as close as possible)
  • Traffic safety (take measures to avoid obstructing traffic and causing further accidents)
  • Helping accident victims (get anyone injured to safety and request medical assistance)
  • Evidence conservation (never move the vehicles involved if the accident resulted in injuries)

2. Report the Accident

All drivers have the obligation to report the accidents they are involved in to the authorities if:

  • The accident results in injuries
  • The property damage exceeds $500.

It would be unusual for a truck accident not to meet these requirements. After notifying the police, you should also notify your insurer. Make sure to use clear language and specific descriptions of the location of vehicles, drivers and any witnesses. Finally, you should notify your truck accident lawyer if you have one or find one if you do not.

3. Gather Data and Evidence

In order to obtain compensation for your losses, you will need:

  • Information about the parties involved in the accident and their insurance coverage
  • Evidence of how the truck accident occurred
  • Evidence that your losses were the direct result of the accident

You can and should gather most of this data and evidence from the truck accident scene. Write everything down, take photos, and check for video recordings from nearby cameras. While doing it, avoid conflicts and unnecessary statements.

Your goal should be to find evidence that the truck or the driver was in violation of FMCSA regulations. While pursuing it, never sign anything without reading and consulting an Atlanta truck accident attorney.

4. Take Legal Action

To recover your losses after a truck accident, you can file a compensation claim or start a civil lawsuit. The compensation claim is the best option when the party at fault has insurance. You basically request their insurance company to pay for your losses under their coverage. If supported with relevant evidence, your compensation claim should lead to a convenient settlement.

A lawsuit is the best solution when going after individuals or third parties. It takes more time and trouble, but the stakes are higher as well. Time is important at this step. Those who wait more than two years lose their right to compensation for injuries. For property damage, the deadline goes up to four years. However, the sooner you contact a car accident attorney, the better.

5. Negotiate and Fight for a Fair Compensation

The defendant to your claim will almost surely offer you a settlement. Settling means giving up your rights and receiving a lump sum of money in exchange. You should prepare for some tough debates and negotiations. If the offer you receive is not fair, remember that you have the right to appeal. Working with an Atlanta truck accident attorney is the best way to secure a favorable outcome.

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