Parking Lot Accidents

Car Crash Lawyer Helping Victims in Atlanta

When people think of a car accident, they may picture a high-speed highway wreck or two vehicles colliding in an intersection. Crashes can occur anywhere, however, including parking lots. If you were injured in this type of setting, you have the same rights as a person involved in an accident on public streets. Car crash attorney Terrence R. Bethune can help determine who is at fault for a parking lot accident near Atlanta and pursue compensation for your harm from a negligent driver.

Seek Compensation After a Parking Lot Accident

In many ways, parking lot collisions are no different from other crashes. A person injured by a negligent driver may seek compensation from that individual, whether the accident occurred in a parking lot or public road. To succeed in a negligence case, the victim must prove the following essential elements:

  • The defendant driver owed a duty to the victim;
  • The defendant driver breached his or her duty with some careless action;
  • The injuries were caused by the defendant driver’s negligent behavior; and
  • The victim was forced to incur actual damages because of the accident.

Generally, all Georgia residents are tasked with a duty to behave at least as carefully as a reasonable person would act under similar circumstances. This is often stated as an obligation to avoid behavior that may needlessly endanger others in the vicinity.

If a person breaches this duty, he or she may be liable for any injuries that ensue. While this is the same rule that applies to an ordinary car accident, proving a breach may be trickier in a parking lot case. A driver who wasn’t paying attention or sped through the parking lot at a dangerous speed, for example, has likely violated the obligation of reasonable care. However, in other circumstances, such as when two cars back into each other, proving a breach of duty may be more complicated.

Another key element is causation. In Georgia, this has two components, factual causation and legal causation. Factual causation exists if the victim would have avoided injury without the defendant’s breach. Legal causation is evaluated as a question of foreseeability. If the victim’s injuries were the type that could be expected to result from the defendant’s behavior, the legal causation sub-element is established.

An individual who succeeds in a negligence claim may collect damages from liable defendants, such as other drivers. This money compensates the victim for the financial, emotional, and physical harm caused by the negligent behavior. It can extend from medical expenses and lost wages to more subjective forms of injury like pain and suffering.

Even if the victim was partially responsible for the accident, he or she may still be allowed to collect damages from other negligent actors. Georgia law follows the rule of modified comparative negligence. This means that a victim who was partially at fault can collect a portion of his or her damages from liable defendants, as long as he or she was less than 50 percent responsible.

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Parking lot accidents are subject to Georgia law that governs car crashes. An experienced attorney can help you evaluate your options if you were hurt by another driver’s careless conduct. Seasoned motor vehicle collision lawyer Terrence R. Bethune has been helping residents of Atlanta and surrounding areas with injury claims of all types since 1997. To see if Mr. Bethune can help you, call 404-875-7800 or visit our contact page.